You’ve Got a Nerve!


Niki Perry and Sam Axtell lead this day of yoga and exploration, revealing the magic and importance of the vagus nerve through yoga, breath and meditation.

The vagus nerve, which ‘wanders’ from the brain stem to the abdomen, plays roles in the relationship between the gut, the brain, and inflammatory conditions.

We will look at how it affects emotions and memory and feel for ourselves its effects on our nervous system, discovering how the body is programmed to keep us safe and connected to others.

You will develop tools to stimulate the vagus nerve, helping your body relax and de-stress, leading to improvements in mood and resilience. Building this ‘vagal tone’ can help you manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

10.30am – Opening yoga practice
12.00 – Understanding the nervous system and mapping your own experiences
1pm – Lunch break
1.30pm – Techniques to build vagal tone (including breathwork and meditation)
3pm – Finish

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