Niki Perry

Give me five minutes on a mat and I feel ready to rock the day! My love of yoga runs deep in every part of my being. Having witnessed my mother practice as a child, I have always known yoga as a way of life.  So here I am 22 years on, surrounded by great like minded teachers in our wonderful studio. It is a unique environment that oozes warmth, colour, collective energy and support.  Whether inside the warmth of the Cowshed or outside basking in sunshine on the Cow deck I can’t imagine a happier place to practice yoga. 


I have practised yoga for 10 years and have enjoyed deepening my understanding of this wonderful Baptiste practice which I regard as bringing real advantage to me in my sporting activities (which are as numerous as a flock of geese!) and to calming my approach to life.


I get my energy from having fun, learning, achieving, giving back to others, being outside in nature, being curious, spending time with friends and kindred spirits and doing exercise (amongst other things!). As a result practising and teaching yoga, particularly in the Blessed community at the Cowshed, allows me to feel fully energised and a strong sense of calm.


I get my energy from being outside – whatever the weather, preferably in the sun but equally in the rain as well (there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!), I have 2 young boys and 3 dogs that need plenty of exercise and I walk a lot! Without this I feel lost. I love feeling grounded and if I’m at home I am always bare foot, I love this connection to the earth. My daily yoga practice gives me a tremendous amount of energy and the sense of calm after a flow is the perfect combination to carry me through the day.


Positive energy is like the worlds best natural high and is all around us in the natural world. I take great energy from the mountains and the ocean and the wind rustling through trees and haliards clinking against the masts of boats.

I also love the exchange of energy that comes from interactions with others and most of all the energy that comes from moving my body whether it be cycling, skiing, swimming, walking and of course, the magical restorative energy that is created in my yoga practice.


I get my energy from creating a lovely positive space for others. I get really energised by the idea of supporting the emotional and physical wellbeing of people – because from this place, they can go on to do the same for others and so we set up a massive ripple effect. ‘Being for others’ really is such a great purpose, but to ‘be for others’ you must first ‘be for yourself’. It’s idea of helping make the space for others to be for themselves that gets me out of bed in the morning.


Mother Earth is my greatest source of energy – the power of the Sun, Moon and Stars together shining down on wild landscapes of mountains, forests, and seas always re-energises me!

Never before have I felt this connection to natural energy so deeply than during recent travels through South America where ‘La Pachamama’, the goddess of the natural world revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, is omnipresent.


I get my energy from plant-based yummies and of course lovely, juicy yoga flows. Sharing love and light everywhere I go is what keeps my life full – and failing that I drink some whiskey! Ha!


My energy, joy, creativity and, importantly for me, my sense of grounding come largely from my yoga practice. My family, and the colours and the landscape of where I live give me quite a boost too!

I have practised yoga for over half my life and I am the eternal student. I LOVE to share the practices of yoga and I get as much from all my students as I hope they get from me. To see people connect to a community, with bodies, minds and sense of self, is by far my greatest joy and motivation in continuing to teach. I really look forward to meeting you on your mat soon.


I get my energy from positive people and the interactions, connections and communities we can all create.

The exchange of energy that happens in a Yoga class can keep me smiling for days! I adore teaching energising and uplifting sequences to get people out of their heads and back into their bodies, and when I’m not getting my energy from my practice, I get it from surfing, swimming or hiking in mountains!


I practice yoga because it helps me to understand my own energetic state and notice any imbalances. It encourages me to be present – to “be where I am” physically on my mat but also in my head, with less comparison, self criticism and self judgment.  It’s liberating – a lightness.
My classes are dynamic and challenging focusing on getting a solid foundation so that, from a strong grounded base clients can grow and fly.


I get my energy from opening new doors and seeing what might lie behind them. Doing this I found nutrition and yoga and both of these things make me feel alive and connected with so many wonderful people.
One of my favourite quotes:

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something
you’ve never done.’ Thomas Jefferson


I get my energy from good sleep and good health, which comes about from GOOD Yoga! That makes me smile, feel alive, give and receive energy with my family, my friends and the world around me come rain or shine.


I get my energy from two main things: connecting with like-minded people who are on the same frequency and thrive on living their life according to their passions and being authentic; and the energy that comes from being in nature, particularly the mountains and especially at sunrise, witnessing the mountain waking up.


I get my energy from doing inner work each day, making space for my own practice and self-reflection. By listening to what I really need, I can extend and offer support to those around me. I am at my happiest and strongest in nature, whether on a walk in the countryside or a hike up a mountain.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the wonderful inspiration I can draw from yoga every day and am excited to share my experiences and discoveries with you.’


My yoga journey started when I found a yoga book of my mothers. For 26 years, yoga has been a practical tool for a beautiful life – it’s got me through the trickiest of times.

I trained to teach in LA in 2012 and, while I love to introduce yoga to people for the physical benefits, it is the positive mental health effects and sense of emotional wellbeing that drive me to teach.