Welcome to the Cowshed

Nature surrounds the Cowshed. You’ll hear the rain gently drumming on the roof, watch the trees sway, feel the breeze, smell the earth. And from the moment you step inside, you’ll feel a wave of calm sweep over you.

Our entrance area is bright and welcoming to lift your spirit, relax your body and mind. Our community is unique – you’ll feel it immediately! Everyone is welcome – every generation, background and ability.  There is no judgement and no competition, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the power of yoga. Experience a deep physical and emotional shift as you discover your flow.

  • If you need to cancel your class, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the start as places are limited and classes often have a waiting list. No shows cannot be refunded and for unlimited members will incur an additional charge at the drop-in rate.

You will find Blessed Yoga at the Cowshed, Hatchers, Chichester Road, Sidlesham Common, PO20 7PY. Google Maps link HERE


Blessed Energise - our signature flow

Our signature practice is a strong, well-balanced, total body flow, suitable for all levels. Blending the benefits of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga yoga, Energise is designed to open up, strengthen and tone; you will use your breath and energy to work your whole body. leaving you refreshed, restored and ready for whatever the day holds.

Blessed Slow Flow

A deep, slow class for all abilities. Focus on correcting, aligning and releasing areas of tension, while building flexibility and strength. Gradually unwind and soften to end with guided meditation.

Blessed Yin Yoga

If you’ve never tried Yin, you are missing out on bliss! This is a slow, restorative style of yoga, consisting of fewer poses, held passively on the floor for minutes at a time. Yin targets the deep tissues of the body – connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones and fascia networks, rather than the muscles.

Supported by pillows, cushions and blankets, Yin yoga will completely relax and release you, leaving you rested, restored and ready for bed!

Rest and Restore

These restorative evening sequences will help you unwind and let go of your day. You will move your body slowly, mindfully, and purposefully with your breath. Each class will be centred around a theme that you will explore and can practise in your other classes.

Our Slow Flows are for all levels, giving beginners a chance to imbed postures in a real sequence and for experienced yogis to slow down, release tension in tight muscles, and challenge muscles in a different way to our power flows.

You will feel re-balanced, restored and ready for a restorative night’s sleep.

Blessed Begin Now

This is a series of recorded classes, created and recorded live by our team of beginners teachers. Perfect both for those who are new to yoga and for those looking to refresh their foundational knowledge.

Your Blessed teacher will take time to focus on key poses, with detailed demonstration, lots of explanation and simple sequencing, leaving you feeling confident to join in any of the classes on our timetable!

Blessed Meditation

Let a Blessed teacher guide you through a simple seated meditation. This is an opportunity to slow down and cultivate mindfulness. No prior experience required. 

Expect stillness and opportunities to calm the mind.

Blessed Power Lunch

This challenging 45 minutes of power is designed to release and refresh your muscles half way through the working day, whether your morning is spent sitting at a home computer, running children around, or in meetings in an office. Your afternoons will be transformed – revitalised concentration, no more aching legs, and leaving you far less likely to just collapse in a chair at the end of the day. You’re welcome!


Super Saturday

A high energy class interspersing cardio with yoga asanas. This class will suit those who want to test and build their fitness and strength; be prepared to work hard and reap the benefit of the calorie after-burn that rumbles on for hours after the class is over.

The view over the fields with the sundeck in the summer and the wood-burning stove in the winter is a perfect escape from the hectic world outside.
I would always recommend a Blessed yoga class to anyone, especially someone trying yoga for the first time as it would be the most positive yoga experience you could have.
Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder of Sweaty Betty:

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