Welcome to the Cowshed

From the moment you step foot into the Cowshed, you’ll feel a wave of calm sweep over you. Our thoughtfully and intentionally designed entrance area will instantly brighten your spirit and relax your body and mind. 

You’ll immediately feel the energy from our engaging community. We warmly welcome everyone – from any generation and all abilities. Our supportive but light-hearted environment allows you to fully immerse yourself in the power of Vinyasa and slow yoga. Experience a deep physical and emotional shift as you discover your flow. Find yourself, reach new levels, transform.

You’ll feel part of the nature that surrounds the Cowshed. Hear the rain gently drumming on the roof, watch the trees sway, feel the breeze, smell the earth. Drink tea, chat with friends, meet new and exciting people. Leave refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced.

The Cowshed is unique in allowing people to choose their temperature, with part of the studio offering underfloor heating. Large doors open onto sun-drenched decking in the summer and our fire roars throughout the winter. Flow and connect with the seasons as they come and go.

Our classes warmly welcome all abilities. Throughout the week, our sessions vary, each with its own focus and elements.

Blessed Energise

A fully rounded practice suitable for all levels. Designed to open up, strengthen and tone, this is our signature class and from this flow all others originate . Enjoy elements of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga yoga, as you use your breath and energy to work your whole body. This really is a moving meditation.

Blessed Slow

A deep, slow class for all abilities. Focus on correcting, aligning and releasing areas of tension, while building flexibility and strength. Gradually unwind and soften to end with guided meditation.

Blessed Yin

If you’ve never tried Yin, this is the time! Get comfy, roll out your mat, grab some pillows and join us for 60 minutes of total bliss. Postures are held for deep strengthening and releasing.

Blessed Basics

A core foundation class for both newcomers and those more experienced. Take time to focus on key poses and simple sequencing, with step-by-step guidance.

Blessed Teen

Designed for growing and changing bodies, this class combines flowing sequences and breath work to ease the body and mind. Discover an empowering, non-competitive form of movement regardless of your fitness level.

Blessed Meditation

In this 15 minute class, a blessed teacher will guide you through a simple seated meditation. It is an opportunity to slow down and cultivate mindfulness. No prior experience required. 

Expect stillness and opportunities to calm the mind!

Blessed Immerse

Immerse yourself completely with 90 minutes of cleansing self-care. Work your whole body and flow into a meditative state, deeply connecting your body and mind. Designed as a mini retreat, finish with a freshly prepared juice and healthy snack to nourish and energise.

Yoga Burn

A fusion of a power Vinyasa flow practice with high intensity cardio vascular training.
Be prepared to sweat and glow.

The view over the fields with the sundeck in the summer and the wood-burning stove in the winter is a perfect escape from the hectic world outside.
I would always recommend a Blessed yoga class to anyone, especially someone trying yoga for the first time as it would be the most positive yoga experience you could have.
Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder of Sweaty Betty:
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Teachers at the Cowshed

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