11th Jul 2020

A Logo that says We Are Blessed

It may look like a simple circle and a line, but the Blessed Yoga logo means so much more.

13th Jun 2020

Modifications are not just stepping stones…

One question we hear often is, ‘If I take modifications, does it mean I’m no good at yoga?’

The very simple answer is ‘NO!’

23rd May 2020

Yoga for mental health and well-being

We are living in extraordinary, unnatural times, separated from those we love, those who make us laugh, and those who inspire us.
Human beings are pack animals – isolation has long been used as a form of punishment in prisons – and being alone for too long has a damaging effect on our mental health.

4th Apr 2020

Blessed Online

We are a vibrant community yoga studio running classes, retreats, workshops and teacher training.
Due to COVID-19, we are now ONLINE. We have free flows for all on our Blessed Yoga YouTube channel. And our members get access to 34 personalised LIVE Zoom classes every week.

3rd Apr 2020

The Benefits of Yoga

Wow – where to begin?! After 23 years of practising, I’m honestly still discovering, every day, the incredible benefits that yoga offers. Yoga has so many layers to peel back and explore. The deeper you explore, the more life-changing the physical, mental and emotional benefits will be. And it’s important to recognise that these will be different for everyone; yoga is your journey, your own practice.

2nd Apr 2020

10 Tips to Stay Healthy

Anyone feeling the strain of working from home, home-schooling, and general cabin fever? Us too! We’ve put together our Top 10 Tips for keeping mind and body healthy during these bizarre times.

1st Apr 2020

Corporate Offering

We work with a number of companies, giving personalised Zoom yoga and meditation classes; these go a long way to safeguard the health of your teams and maintain morale and team spirit while everyone is separated and working from home.

1st Apr 2020

Blessed takes care of your body-inside and out!

Those of you who practise with us regularly at the Cowshed will already be very aware that yoga works wonders for your body on the inside as well as the outside. The benefits of the postures on your vital organs and digestive system are just as important as the results in terms of strength, flexibility and mental health .

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