Blessed was born from a simple vision – to help people transform their bodies and minds, connect with a supportive community and achieve balance in an otherwise hectic world.

At the core of blessed is Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga – a dynamic style of yoga that combines strength, sweat and spirituality, to detoxify, heal and electrify. Founded by Baron Baptiste, this challenging and flowing form of yoga will lead you to a state of transformation. It sculpts and tones your body, opens your heart and makes you feel strong, powerful and happy.

The more you practice, the deeper you will connect with yourself, others and the world around you. Your body will change shape and your mind will become calm and peaceful.

At blessed, we go beyond the simple teachings of Vinyasa Yoga. We understand that everyone has challenges, fears and anxieties. The Cowshed – our rural, peaceful yoga studio – is the heart of a wonderful community of teachers and students who will help you achieve balance both on and off the mat.


Becoming a powerful yoga teacher requires both technical mastery and the ability to connect deeply with yourself as well as students. Blessed teacher training offers outstanding and inspiring training for students and active yoga teachers to gain recognised, professional certification.

Set in beautiful, inspiring surroundings, you will learn the science and art of teaching Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga from some of the world’s best teachers and leaders. Our community and ongoing support will allow you to develop, flourish and transform into a unique, passionate yoga teacher. 


Blessed workshops are open to all, offering truly unique experiences and teachings. Our workshops immerse you deeply in the practice of yoga, meditation, nutrition and conversation with like-minded people. Open your mind, connect deeper, feel the sense of community and discover how blessed workshops can transform your daily life beyond the mat.


Blessed retreats are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We offer luxury package retreats for those looking for something a little bit special. Combine your love for yoga with skiing, snow shoeing, water sports,hiking or cycling. Explore stunning parts of the world while transforming your body and mind, surrounded by inspiring and energetic yoga teachers and students. Return relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced.

‘I’ve found something that I can
take absolutely everywhere with me.’
‘I would recommend Blessed Yoga to anyone,
especially someone trying it for the first time.’
‘The most positive yoga experience you could have.’

Niki Perry - Founder of blessed

Niki Perry, founder of Blessed Yoga, began her yoga journey more than 20 years ago. Her discovery of Baptiste Vinyasa Flow in 2005 dramatically changed her path in life. Niki was hooked, and travelled to Hawaii and later Mexico to be trained by Baron Baptiste, the creator of Baptiste Yoga. She spent time with Tao Porchon-Lynch, one of the oldest yoga teachers in the world, who taught in New York City until a couple of days before she died, at 101 years old. Through this journey, she met world-renowned Brooke Hamblet, founder of Indigo Yoga in the US, who now runs Blessed Yoga teacher training.

After moving from London to rural West Sussex, and years of teaching in various places, Niki put all her effort into renovating a barn near her family home to create what is now known as the Cowshed – the heart of blessed.

‘After all these years of practising and teaching yoga, it still blows me away every day. When I practise, I close my eyes for a lot of the time and try to imagine I’m flowing through water. I focus on my breath to help me fuel the flow. The combination of the movement, breath and heat generated inside me, melts away any tension I was holding and leaves me feeling energised and elevated.

‘This style of yoga moves you far beyond the poses. It helps you to blow past your goals and get into your dreams. It’s a freedom flow that expands your limits and cracks you wide open. Learning to appreciate your body and mind, and all the power it holds is life-changing. Vinyasa yoga can make you feel strong, young, grounded and calm. You get happy and then you can’t help but be you and shine bright.’

‘I dreamed that one day l could share this practice with as many people as possible – to help everyone who I come into contact with, through my classes, teacher training, workshops and retreats, to flow with ease, transform and feel awesome! Vinyasa yoga is an incredible practice that makes you connect deeply with yourself, others and the world around you. Along with a brilliant team, I have recently founded the British Yoga Project to help realise my dream of making yoga accessible to all, and I feel truly Blessed for everything that has led me to today.’