Life’s Rosie!

Life’s Rosie!

Keeping on keeping on?

I hope so. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time. Try not to project too far into the future and just deal with what is right in front of you. Enjoy the moments of pleasure (buttery toast, the sun appearing, the snowdrops) and know the hard moments will pass.

I recorded a Feel Good Habits Podcast with Emma Guns this week. It made me really focus on what made me feel great. And the surprisingly it wasn’t a flash car or an Hermès handbag, but things that cost little, but deliver a lot. Examples? Warmth (bath, hot water bottle, dog in your lap, sole control of the thermostat). And kissing (N.B. I mean this has to be the best thing about your marriage breaking up, you get to experience the teenage sensations of snogging someone new).

Another person I spoke to was Caroline Barnes. An amazing make-up artist and a good, really good, person. We were talking about my book and we went back to when she did my make up six months after my split. She said she remembers me physically trembling. This was a reminder to me of the fresh hell that some of you are in. I’m thinking of you.

Two really positive things this week:

First I am doing a Transform Now, a 28 day yoga program with We Are Blessed. It’s great. You get unlimited live online yoga, a coach checking in on you and incredible nutrition advice and recipes which I think will change my habits forever. And you are encourage to ‘flow’ six days a week. I am so inflexible and so stuck in my ways  (porridge for breakfast, eggs on toast for lunch, meat and two veg for dinner with sugar hits throughout the day) – but this has made me make positive tweaks. Which gives me a sense of achievement. Their next course is April.  It’s great for improving sleep, strength, happiness and for shifting a few pounds.

Secondly – klaxon – on Valentine’s night I’m going to be virtually joining my old friend Saska (Graville, we met at Red magazine) to talk about the healing power of midlife friendships, what to do when life throws you a curve ball and how to figure out your plan B. There will also be laughter and inappropriate chat I’m sure. Perfect if the online assault of true love, hearts and flowers is getting to you. The tickets are £10 but all the money is going to the NHS Charities Together. Book here 

And being initially dismissive, I do think there is value in virtue meet up. They’ll never replace face to face, but I promise it’ll give you a lift and a laugh. Because that’s what girlfriends do right?

Sending much love,


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