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Step inside, let the colours, warmth and energy surround you. Hear the rain, feel the breeze and flow with ease in a yoga studio that oozes community, fun and love. Our supportive but light-hearted environment allows you to fully immerse yourself in the power of Vinyasa yoga. From dynamic and energetic to slow mindful flows, we offer a range of classes at the Cowshed to perfectly suit your ability and mood. Become invigorated or immerse yourself in a deep cleanse - our timetable covers it all.

blessed workshops are open to all, offering truly mind-expanding experiences and teachings. Our workshops immerse you deeply in the practice of yoga, meditation, nutrition and conversation with like-minded people.
Be inspired by life-changing talks, flow with ease through yoga sessions and nourish your body with colourful and delicious food. Experience our warm, fun community at its best and leave energised, positive and powerful.
The perfect event for small groups and team building, or to be given as a gift. Let our workshops inspire, ignite and lift those around you.

Learn deeply about yoga. Embark on an exciting journey of leadership and discovery. Transform into an inspiring leader. Becoming a powerful yoga teacher requires both technical mastery and the ability to connect deeply with yourself as well as students. blessed teacher training offers outstanding and inspiring training for students and active yoga teachers to gain recognised, professional certification.

Blessed retreats are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Escape reality, feel the elements surround you and discover the restoring powers that nature and yoga hold. We offer luxury package retreats for those looking for something a little bit special. Combine your love for yoga with skiing, snow shoeing, hiking or cycling. Explore stunning parts of the world while transforming your body and mind, surrounded by inspiring and energetic yoga teachers and students. Return relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced.

We are bringing you and your family LIVE yoga flows and streamed classes to enjoy at home together. These are flows designed to release everything and help find a physical and mental joy and lightness – we all need that right now! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, enjoy them and have fun.
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